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Kindred Says 4% of Revenue Comes from Problem Gamblers

Kindred, one of the top five largest betting groups in the world by revenue, has stated that 4% of their revenue is generated by players at high risk of addiction.

The Scandinavian online betting company, owner of Unibet and 32Red, released the information as the UK government gets ready to make changes to the online gambling laws in the country.

The figures released relate to the revenues for the final three months of 2020.

Kindred reported a total revenue of £1.13bn in 2020 which indicates that around £45m was taken from gamblers which the group considered high risk.

The news comes as the UK government is expected to make wide field changes to the UK Gambling Act.

UKGC Regulations

Last month, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) announced a series of new regulations which would come into action in October of this year.

The new regulations include a ban on numerous features of online slot machines including the autoplay feature.

Kindred’s announcment comes as many top gambling companies are doing their upmost to be as transparent as possible in the hope that any further regulations are not too strict.

2005 Gambling Act Update

The call for evidence on the 2005 Gambling Act is due to come to an end next month. Groups against online gambling are hoping that there will be a wide ranging ban on gambling sponsorship in sport.

Gambling critics are also hopeful that the government will implement betting restriction on slot machines too. Currently, casino players are able to bet up to £500 on a single spin of an online slot machine.

Last year, the government issued a ban on credit card gambling in the UK. it is understood by Candid Gambling that any changes to the act will be made under the promise to update UK gambling laws to the digital age.

It is not clear whether or not Kindred has made any effort to help the problem gamblers who make up the 4% of their 2020 Q4 revenue figures.